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This is a business idea I would like to throw out there, since I don't have the "resources" to back it up, hoping someone will take on the task of implementing it...But before I get into it, I'd like to look at the "tinge" (sachet) mentality first. A lot, if not most, of Filipinos have this mentality. May it be because we think it's cheaper, more practical, easier, or a matter of what we can afford, it boils down to 2 major is, in fact, more expensive in the long run, and produces so much garbage.
I've been seeing some efforts to minimize trash through using ecobags and reusable straws and I'd like to contribute to this #zerowaste movement with this idea. SHAMPOO and SOAP...Items we use everyday in each household. I will not delve into the formulation or ingredients because I believe that's the easiest part. There are already several brands that are organic, natural or eco-friendly. And since I make these items for persona…

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